DDC Group

DDC is the global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) specialist. The DDC Group’s service offering is based on a hybrid onshore/offshore model. We offer clients the benefits of offshore cost savings and operational flexibility combined with the security and stability of onshore project management and document handling. Our principle office locations are in the USA, UK, NL, BiH and Philippines.

Our reach is global. We have a workforce of 4,800 personnel. DDC services all market sectors. We offer services ranging in complexity and field knowledge, and are able to recruit and train offshore specialists. We also support very large scale data capture projects in real time and on legacy data. Our approach is to design our service according to our client’s needs and never to impose template solutions. All our services are thoughtful, bespoke and closely-managed. See more in section “our services”.

More information about The DDC Group you can find on DDC Group web site .